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Cruise Directors, Inc., established in 1987, is a top producer
with most of the major cruise lines! As a top producer, we have the
ability to obtain the best rates, upgrades and
incentives for your group. And the best part is, we
do all the work!!!

Our dedicated group department will help you
with all your cruising needs. We prepare
customized flyers for each groups specific sailing.
We will also create registration forms with detailed
information, that you give to each of the members
in your group. Our group department will also
receive all the payments directly, so the group
leader will not have to handle or organize the
money of the group.

Not sure how to put a group together?
Call our cruise specialists for assistance.
Here are some suggestions for creating groups in your community:

• Family Members
• Friends
• Social Clubs
• Health Clubs
• Church Groups
• Alumni Groups
• Music Clubs
• Dance Clubs
• Professional Organizations
• Country Clubs
• Client Appreciation Groups
• Educational or Business Seminars
• Family Reunions
• Fund Raising Groups
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Open Weekends by Appointment
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